About the astrologer

Prime Minister’s  Excellence Award winner  and an ex Govt. servant Mr.  A.K.Banerjee  has an ardent  interest for all those subjects which are not mundane (School /Collage text book type). As such, though for  sustaining  the day to day living,  he had to complete his regular studies well and compete in competitive examinations  and serve as an government servant for a major period of his life , yet his longing and moorings and thirst  for knowing the secrets of life, has  always been a passion and a driving force. As such during his service life and other wise also he has had many opportunities to wander in the Himalayas , visiting  the deepest of  the valleys and villages , meeting  various types of people , sadhus and monks . This further developed his interest in Vedanta  and  eastern Philosophy.

Vedanta and Philosophy made him realize the role of cosmic powers in the existence of all the living and non living beings. Astrology’s  place as the third eye of Vedas encouraged him to delve further deep in the subject . Higher Astrology is the result of his striving to go deep, because  this only system which ensures deeper, combination based analysis, which really provides results.

Apart from teaching and practicing Higher Astrology Mr. Banerjee is an adept Yoga Master and he practices and teaches Vinyas  Yoga ( Yoga asana linked with horoscope chart) . He also being a qualified career counselor, also conducts Dermetoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test and provides Study and  Career counseling to the students.

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